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How do ignition interlock devices affect your ability to drive?

Making questionable decisions tends to happen to most people at least once during their lifetimes. In many cases, the choices made could have left you feeling foolish or ashamed, but overall, you came out relatively unscathed. Of course, other circumstances could result in a bad decision leading to criminal charges.

White collar crimes: Serious charges, serious consequences

Many people consider white collar crimes to be a less serious offense than crimes that involve violence or assault, but in reality, these offenses can also lead to extensive jail time and other penalties. White collar offenders may do hard time if convicted, and New York individuals facing accusations or those who are currently under investigation would be wise to take their situation seriously.

Drugged driving is a big deal in New York

In New York, driving while under the influence of drugs can bring the same penalties as getting behind the wheel while drunk. Like drunk driving, drugged driving is dangerous, and if law enforcement catches you, it could lead to serious criminal penalties. If you are facing criminal charges related to driving while under the influence of any type of drug, you would be wise to take your situation seriously.

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