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Defend against domestic violence accusations

Domestic violence can greatly affect a person's life, and for that reason, each case should garner due assessment. Of course, an accusation of domestic violence does not mean than an accused person is guilty of carrying out violent acts against another individual. Therefore, if you have had charges brought against you for domestic violence, you may wish to find out more information about your options for creating a criminal defense.


In some cases, an individual involved in a violent encounter may have acted in self-defense. In a domestic situation, you may have felt threatened or believed you would come to harm if you did not protect yourself. Additionally, you may have believed that harm would come to your children, and you acted in a certain manner in order to protect them.

Wrongfully accused

Though accusing someone of a serious crime for no valid reason is an unseemly act, such actions do take place. You may have gotten into an argument with your spouse or domestic partner, and out of spite, the other individual may have filed a claim that you physically harmed him or her. Child custody and divorce disputes have occasionally led to such false allegations.

Lack of evidence

In either of the previously mentioned scenarios, your defense may rely heavily on dissecting the accusing party's argument regarding the alleged incident that led to the accusations. If sufficient evidence does not exist that points to your guilt in the matter, you may utilize your defense in order to present evidence that works toward proving your innocence. You may have an alibi that puts you in a different location than the one said to have been the scene of the incident, or witnesses may provide information that contradicts your accuser's story.

Standing accused of any serious crime can greatly impact your life. Luckily, the legal system can help you work toward ensuring that you do not face punishment for a crime you did not commit or one carried out only by necessity. By creating and presenting a criminal defense, you could ensure that the appropriate parties hear your side of the matter.

Because this type of situation can prove complex and daunting, you may wish to seek assistance when approaching your legal proceedings. Experienced New York attorneys could help you fully assess your situation and help you better understand your options. Additionally, these legal professionals may assist you in determining which defense strategies may work in your favor.

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