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Did you go out last night? Beware the "morning after" DWI.

After a night of drinking alcohol, most people walk home or get rides home from friends, taxis or ride-sharing companies. The next morning, most people, even if they still feel some effects of the night before, believe that they are ready to drive.

The reality may be different.

While DWI arrests the morning after a night of drinking are rare, they do happen. The main issue is that while people may feel better after a few hours sleep, the alcohol has not completely left their system. Some drivers, even after a night's sleep, may still have a blood alcohol content level in excess of .08.

Time is the only cure for intoxication

Many people believe that eating or drinking coffee or other caffeinated drinks will help cure the effects of alcohol. While these methods may make someone feel less intoxicated, they will not make someone become sober. Most alcohol leaves the body through the liver via the metabolism process.

Typically, alcohol is metabolized at .015 per hour, regardless of person's size or sex. Let's take the following example:

A person drinks to excess during the evening and night. Let's say this person goes to sleep at 1 am with a blood alcohol content of .20. This person wakes up at 6 am and goes to work at 7 am. Over those six hours, the person's blood alcohol content would have dropped .09. (.015 each hour multiplied by six.). Unfortunately for this person, their blood alcohol content would be .11, which is still over the legal limit. In general, on nights where you have a lot to drink, it is a good idea to wait until well into the next day before driving again.

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