Protecting Your Future

No matter your worth, it is important that you have a comprehensive estate plan in place that will protect your loved ones and pass along all you have worked for. At The Law Offices of Remy R. Perot & John L. Kotchick, III, we are committed to helping you put together the documents and vehicles that are tailored to your specific assets, family dynamics and needs.


Our firm is highly skilled in guiding families and individuals through the complicated process of probate, ensuring that all assets of the deceased are distributed appropriately. Probate is often overshadowed by the deep emotions and family dynamics of those who remain. We cut through those emotional components and provide clear, knowledgeable guidance that reflects the wishes of the deceased, as well as your goals for the outcome of the process.

Planning Tools

  • Wills. These documents allow you to clearly dictate how you would like assets to be distributed and make other wishes known upon your death. This is a foundational component of the estate plan.
  • Trusts. Trusts are set up to distribute assets or funds to individuals or organizations that you choose. The trust will name an executor who will oversee the trust being disbursed according to the wishes of the deceased. Often individuals will use this to provide for children and spouses left behind. It is also used to make charitable contributions.
  • Powers of attorney. There are several forms of power of attorney, including medical power of attorney, legal power of attorney and durable power of attorney. The individual named in the vehicle will make critical decisions for medical, financial and legal issues on behalf of the person should he or she become incapacitated.

There is a wide variety of other documents and vehicles that accompany these basic three pillars of an estate plan. Skilled representation can help you put together the documents and directives that are tailored to your wishes and family dynamics to ensure that your wishes are carried out and your loved ones protected following your passing.

By planning far in advance, you and your loved ones can have peace and assurance for the future.

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