Challenging A Domestic Violence Charge

Domestic violence is an extremely sensitive area of the law. Unfortunately, many people accused of domestic abuse are treated unfairly by law enforcement and the public. It is important to remember that no matter the allegation, anyone accused of a crime has legal rights that must be honored.

You Deserve To Be Heard

At The Law Offices of Remy R. Perot & John L. Kotchick, III, we understand what is at stake for you if you are facing domestic violence allegations. From our office in Binghamton, New York, our attorneys can build a strong defense against domestic violence charges. We can make sure your side of the story is represented.

Seeking Legal Representation Quickly Is Vital

As soon as you are arrested, it is important that you reach out to an experienced criminal defense attorney who can quickly gather important evidence. As former prosecutors, our attorneys are skilled at reading witnesses and determining any strengths or weaknesses of the allegations against you. This is important when you could be facing:

  • Time in jail
  • A restraining order that could force you out of your own home
  • Loss of parental rights when it comes to child custody and visitation
  • A damaged reputation that could affect your employment

Fighting False Charges

Our lawyers know how false domestic violence allegations can be used to gain leverage in a divorce or other family dispute. The Law Offices of Remy R. Perot & John L. Kotchick, III represents clients in both criminal defense and family law, which means we can help you through any family law-related proceedings related to your arrest. Instead of trying to resolve each matter independently with different lawyers, work with one firm that understands where the cases overlap and can help you achieve a favorable resolution in both.

Call Today To Get Help

Time is of the essence in domestic violence cases. Before answering any of law enforcement's questions, call the The Law Offices of Remy R. Perot & John L. Kotchick, III at 607-772-8440 or toll free at 800-818-8010. You can also contact us online.