Building A Strong Assault Defense

Many allegations and arrests on assault and harassment charges occur due to arguments that turn into physical fights. Unfortunately, even if you were just defending yourself, you could wind up facing serious misdemeanor or felony charges.

When your freedom and record are at stake, put your trust in our experienced criminal defense attorneys at The Law Offices of Remy R. Perot & John L. Kotchick, III in Binghamton, New York. Our lawyers can quickly get to work building the strongest possible defense that can minimize any negative effects of your arrest.

Proving Self Defense Requires Quick Action

In many cases, such as bar fights or fights at professional sporting events, a heated argument can quickly turn physical. If you are facing charges related to assault or harassment, proving who started the fight is key. That means quickly locating witnesses.

With former prosecutors on staff, you will receive high-quality representation that will seek out witnesses and determine the honesty of their accounts. Our lawyers are skilled investigators who can track down witnesses and convince them to cooperate in your defense.

Representing You In Personal Injury Litigation Related To Assault

Additionally, many cases of assault can also lead to civil proceedings, such as a personal injury lawsuit. Experienced civil litigators, our lawyers can guide you through any criminal proceedings to ensure - whether you are the plaintiff or defendant - there are no negative effects on your civil case.

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